Narnia meets Frozen in this Middle Grade fantasy adventure novel.

An exciting retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen.

A smile crept across Oma Eline’s wrinkled face.

“Come here, children,” she said, her voice almost a whisper.

“I have a story for you.”

Gerda has heard her grandmother’s stories of magic and adventure all her life. But neither she nor her best friend Kay believe in them . . . until Kay is infected with slivers of snow dust and the Snow Queen arrives to claim them. When Kay disappears, everyone believes he is dead. Except Gerda.


When an accident lands her on the road to the fabled Ice Palace, Gerda’s choice is simple: run back to the comfort of her home, or venture into the unknown to find Kay. And with the ice burrowing deeper into Kay’s heart, Gerda is running out of time.


New friends, new enemies, and constant danger await Gerda on the road north, and she will have plenty of chances to turn back. When all seems lost, will she persevere? Or will the Snow Queen win Kay’s loyalty—and his life?

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