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What's Wrong with Your MC...

You've got a hero. And she's REALLY a hero! But something's wrong and you're not sure what.

A lot of new writers struggle with one simple problem: their main character is not interesting enough. That's a harsh criticism to face, but it happens ALL the time. It's even happened to me a few times. A character is called "flat" or "unrelateable". And we think "seriously?! I just spent all that time making up a character that everyone wants to be! She's what all of us want to be in real life. She's smart, beautiful, witty, strong (attractive to the love interest - and everybody else in the story). She's perfect!"

And maybe that's just what's wrong with her.

Think back on your dream to be a writer, or any dream you've had. What spurred you on to pursue it?

For most of us, it's the negative criticism. The people who said you couldn't make a living writing. The people who said "anybody can writer a book! What makes you special?" The people you said "There are so many books out there! Yours will never make it."

Maybe it was an event. A disease. A friendship destroyed. A lost loved one.

The point is, all of us have dreams. And what pushes us to pursue them more often than not is something bad.

Want your character to be relateable? Interesting?

Give her a dream, then bring along something negative that inspires her to pursue that dream.

That is what will make your MC a hero to remember!

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