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After six years of defeat... I WON NANOWRIMO!

I'm writing this post at 1:26am because I stayed up till 12:20am writing and I have spent the last hour loading vlog footage, screaming via text with a writer buddy, and prepping all the social media celebrations! I still can't believe it - after six years of not being able to win NaNoWriMo, I did it. And in only 3 weeks!

I will be posting more videos in the future about the things I did differently this year that kept me from failing as phenomenally as I did last year. But for now, I just want to enjoy the moment.

Because my book still isn't done, even though this 50k is a follow-up to 40k that were written up in May, and I've been writing my butt of steadily for three weeks straight. There are still four major end-of-the-book scenes to write. And they will likely each be a minimum of 1,500 words a piece.


I'm enjoying this moment. I'm piecing together a vlog. I'm preparing to get in a little post-writing exercise. I'm reveling in the delightful idea of starting work on my new series planner tomorrow (or rather, later today) - a treat I've been promising myself since I watched Sarra Cannon's video about her novel planner and the amounts of pretty pens and cut up scene cards and beautiful binder work that went into that.

Wherever you are in NaNo, whether you're soaring to the finish line or you're WAY behind on your goals, I want to encourage you - every word counts! Every poorly written scene can be revised! Every book is WORTH IT! And so are your dreams of seeing this book in the hands of excited readers pouring over its pages. Keep writing to the last word. And then. . .Rewrite it!

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