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The Final Battle has begun...

It has finally come to this...the last battle...the final, desperate moment before the sun rises and shatters the darkness...

I figured out the climax!

This may not sound like a big deal to some, but if you've ever struggled with figuring out how your novel is supposed to end, you'll get why I am SO EXCITED that this final puzzle piece is ready. The ending of the novel determines the steps in the rest of the book that lead up to it. And honestly, if the ending is weak, the readers aren't likely to follow me into Book II. Or Book III. Or Book IV. Or...well, you get the picture.

For years, I've struggled to figure out this final main point - the crux of the entire novel, the moment when the hero rises to face the antagonist. And tonight, FINALLY, it came to me. After tons of hard work, of course. But hey - it came!

And now, as I set up the pieces on the board, I realize just how important the climax of the novel is. It doesn't just end the novel with a bang. It sets up the entire rest of the novel to pack a mean punch. Which is crucial if your novel is going to go anywhere.

I start drafting of Act III later this week. And the difference in emotions is astonishing. I've gone from not really caring to suddenly dying to get to work on it!

If you are delaying figuring out the novel's end, my advice is - DO IT. It will save you SO much stress and will make the rest of your novel sing. (Yes, sing.)

Enjoy your writing, fellow authors! I'll see you at the big "The End".

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