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Surprise! Novel Excerpt...

For those of you that have been asking about my novel...I still can't say much. It's too far from the publication date.


Since so many of you HAVE asked about it, I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek into the story to whet your appetites and get you excited for the (soon to come) day when I can reveal more!

(DISCLAIMER: this is a first draft, so it is likely to be edited a good bit in the future to make it stronger and better. Please also be aware that this is all original copyrighted material, so please don't put your name as author if you share. Thanks!)

Penmanship had never been Marc's strength. But he didn't let that deter him. He scribbled his name at the bottom of the page and glanced back over the letter. Vague yet urgent. Perfect. He blew it dry, then slid it into an envelope. The wax took its time dripping. Marc fidgeted. "Come on, come on." A fourth drop was good enough. Marc stamped it with his family's seal and ran out of the barracks door.

His heart was pounding as he ran. Nothing in the world could induce him to knowingly endanger the two most precious girls in his life. But there was also nothing that was going to keep him from getting justice for his truest and closest friend. He had written the letter with utmost care just in case it fell into someone else's hands. Like Eathan.

He turned the corner to find a small group coming down the hallway toward him. He slowed his pace to a quick walk. No good arousing suspicions. He lowered his head. Eye contact had never been easy for him when he felt he had something to hide. Then he remembered Master Eagas's words. Blasted protocol! He raised his head to give the required nod of respect in passing. 

Lord Rhogan stood at the center of the party, which turned out to be a squad of sprite guards. They wore the traditional fur-lined armor and bore the famous sprite great pikes. Then Marc looked behind Lord Rhogan and his gaze landed on the face of Eathan. Eathan returned his glance. His eyes narrowed at Marc in the same hateful glare he had given Luciane the day before.

Well, what did you think? Be sure to leave a comment down below. And sign up for my monthly newsletter if you haven't already to get regular updates on where I am in the writing/publishing process and when this novel will be ready for reading!

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